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Cr 31 # 22B - 49
  (571) 2 68 02 74
  (571) 2 69 32 83
  (571) 2 68 80 64
Fax: (571) 2 68 25 60
P.O. Box: 52631
Bogotá - Colombia

QualyPlásticos is in the business of developing, producing and commercializing transparent, semi-rigid plastic containers.

Our business is carried through:

  1. Systematically finding out our customer’s container needs in order to satisfy with quality and opportunity their requirements so they will be willing to give QualyPlasticos the resources it needs to keep fulfilling its mission.
  2. Continually improving the productivity of our value adding chain
  3. Generating the necessary organizational environment for our associates to find in QualyPlasticos a way to a long term personal and professional development.
  4. Sharing in the generation of values of honesty, justice and social responsibility, through the strict observance of laws and regulations pertinent to our business.
  5. Improving our country, introducing new technologies, offering containers that help generate national wealth, generating formal employment, and diversifying container options for our customers. All of this with the aim of permanently improving our corporate image generating value for our stock holders.

People in QualyPlasticos believe that the only way to improve everybody’s well-being is by means of private investment that generates growing formal employment, productivity to compete in a globalized world, and higher added value that allows the generation of increasing capital resources.

QualyPlásticos shares in this vision permanently investing in the productivity of its value adding chain, generating a higher demand for qualified workers.